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Agile Store Locator (Google Maps) For WordPress

Download Free Agile Store Locator (Google Maps) For WordPress v4.7.31

Agile Store Locator (Google Maps) For WordPress v4.7.31 is a premium WordPress Google Maps plugin that is designed to provide you with instant access to the top local stores. It can be used to create stores list, deals listings hotels, hotel listings as well as real estate listings and restaurant listings or job listing, and more.

It lets you find the most popular stores and their locations thanks because of the strength that is Google Maps. Our Store Locator Plugin uses the Google Maps API V3 in order to provide you with immediate precise information on each store that can be suited to a specific customer’s inquiry.

Plugin Advance Features

The majority of the features that are required to be included in the plugin are integrated into the plugin The plugin is frequently updated.

Dashboard In WordPress Stats And Analytics With Bar Chart

Agile Store Locator has its dashboard, which shows all the information for Your Store Locator such as the amount of markers, categories, stores and search count. It shows the top searches, such as the most visited locations and stores.

  • Display Where to Buy Locations to Millions
  • Support Multiple Languages & Localization
  • Try Multiple Layouts with Listing and Accordion
  • Use 5 Beautiful Store Locator Themes
  • Multiple Color Schemes For Templates
  • Easily Personalize Your Store Locator

Multiple Templates And Layouts

Agile Store Locator has a assortment of layouts, templates and colors that you can easily be adapted to your site. There are multiple layouts you can incorporate into the site , as well as the templates they have can be used on their own to deliver.

Location Finder To Filter Stores Near your Location

With this fantastic Location locater Plugin You can select stores that are located in the area you live in. You can apply the filter and change the area of support using the slider for distance.

Core Features:

  • 5 beautiful themes for front-end.
  • Multiple Layouts, the option of listing and Accordion.
  • Are you using too many markers? Enable Marker Clustering.
  • The accordion template includes a an orderly hierarchy of States, Countries cities, and stores.
  • Color Palette for Google Maps Plugin UI Color Selection.
  • Multiple Beautiful Info Window.
  • An Extra Deals Template Template that showcase their amazing offers on Maps.
  • Second prompt dialog prompts users to input their default Location in the case that the website is not using SSL.
  • It is easy to customize your info window’s contents It’s a special feature.
  • It is easy to customize your list of stores simply by adding a few keywords.
  • Set the minimum and maximum Zoom Levels for your Google Maps.
  • Administration Dashboard for Admin Dashboard Store Locator with all the information about your stores, markers categories, search.
  • Analytics Bar Chart to Display the top searches, stores with the highest sales and the most popular places.
  • Additional Template for Real Estate websites to display their Properties and classify them into Rental, Sale and featured.
  • Time Selection for Each Day for Every Location.
  • Duplicate any Store in one click.
  • Add Markers for Every Category, and switch between Categories Markers as well as default Markers.
  • 2 Prompt Location dialog for GeoLocation.
  • Assign multiple Categories to a single store.
  • Full Width Interactive Google Maps Template.
  • All the ASL Settings can be Overridden by ShortCode Attributes.
  • Analytics Bar Charts to display users who are searching for what locations they’ve been searching the most for and which stores are visited the most.
  • Locate the Location Coordinates (Lat/Lng) by typing in the store’s address.
  • Logo Management Panel.
  • Prompt Location will display the dialog box to confirm to share your current location.
  • Marker Manage Panel.
  • Choose Stores Time Format 12 or 24 Hours.
  • Select the Distance Unit Miles/KM.
  • Manage Markers icons that have name ( UPDATE, Add and Delete).
  • Disable Scroll Wheel.
  • Set the zoom level of the marker that is clicked.
  • Import and Export Stores Excel Sheet that includes all columns.
  • Remove All Stores in One Click.
  • Select one of the Google map that is Hybrid, Roadmap Terrain or Satellite.
  • Display Distances to each Store from the current location.
  • Manage Categories icons have names ( UPDATE Add and delete).
  • Change the default zoom for your Map.
  • Draggable Marker to Pinpoint Location.
  • Inbound fetch load only markers on the screen.
  • Custom Filter Option.
  • Circles and shapes are a great way to design your ideal spots.
  • Display additional information about the Store.
  • Enable/Disable Advance Filter.
  • Assign Marker to Each Category and Enable Category Markers.
  • Change the Placeholder Text in the search box.
  • Search Stores by Search with Search by Store ID Title Description, Street city, state, Telephone Email, URL, Postal Code Disabled Logo, Marker and the Date of Creation in WordPress-Admin Manage Stores.
  • Enable/Disable Distance Slider.
  • Create Default Lat/Lng for your Map.
  • Change Header Title Text.
  • Change font color for default Template.
  • Change Category Title Text.
  • Enable/Disable Store List Panel.
  • Modify your Google Maps with Drawing Overlay (Polygon Circle, Rectangle, Circle) with a range of Colors.
  • Choose Maps look and feel from the latest Maps.
  • Show Category Icons instead Marker icons.
  • Search by Address using the auto-panning feature. Filter Store Locators by Category to get several store locators.
  • Add Google Layers to Show Traffic, Transit and Bike Layers.
  • Enable Marker Animation.
  • Counter for Total Stores with Live Update when you Pan over the Map.
  • Limit your Google Search to a the country of your choice.
  • Change to Google Search and Title Search on the Store Locator.
  • Make sure that Full Width is enabled for your plugin.
  • Enable/Disable Analytics.
  • Enable/Disable Sort by Bound.
  • Add Text for “No Item Found”.
  • Display Nearest Stores from the search address.
  • Default Category Selection Option
  • The option to choose Map Language
  • Option to choose Map Region for Tiles
  • Logo Manger and Listing
  • Customization Templates within the theme
  • Set Fixed Radius Value for Range Slider
  • Full Page Map and Fixed
  • Set Radius Limit for Slider
  • Update Existing Stores using Import
  • Open Direction in Google Maps App in Mobile
  • Sort by Distance, Name, City, and State
  • Custom Ordering Supported
  • Radius Circle for Search Range
  • Option to select Map the top of the list or of top on mobile devices.
  • 100+ Advance Options for Admin.


Download Free Agile Store Locator (Google Maps) For WordPress(3)

Changelog Agile Store Locator (Google Maps) For WordPress

13.07.2016 – ver 1.0

– Added Google Maps API Key Option
– Fixed: The position of ASL, previously it was putting at the top of the Page
– Tried to remove the conflict of jQuery if already added in admin
– Fixed: Google Maps Cluster was not disabling Properly
– Fixed: Distance Slider was not disabling


– Add RTL and translation support in WP Plugin
– Week Days selection in WP Admin
– Full-Width Map Store Locator
– Show and Hide List Store Locator List
– Time Format 24 Hours


– Added Logo_image in Excel Import


– Added Separate Time for Each Day – Add time slot for each day
– Added Duplicate Store feature
– Added Layers and Shapes on google maps
– Allow to Set Zoom when an item Clicked on google maps


– Fixed Issue with VC
– Add new marker images
– Minor bugs fixed


– Dashboard and Analytics Added
– Top Searched and Top Views Stores Added
– Added MinZoom and MaxZoom for Google Maps

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