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what is Bimber theme?

Bimber is a viral magazine theme that allows you to launch a fully functional Viral website in no more than 24 hours.

Bimber Theme comes with powerful share buttons; Popular listings, hot, trending and many advertising locations. Everything in a lightweight and easy-to-use package. Just get started now and go Viral today!

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The unlimited creative subscription

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Bimber – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme Features 

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features Bimber Theme 2
  • 100% responsive design
  • Retina display support
  • Compatibility with all browsers
  • SEO Optimized Code
  • Compatibility with SEO optimization plugins: Yoast SEO, All In One SEO, SEOPress
  • Optimize for Google PageSpeed
  • Microdata (, support for rich snippets Support
  • Translation, Full RTL Support, WPML Multilanguage
  • Support for multi-page posts
  • Compatible with caching plugins (WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket)
  • Facebook Custom Widget

Changelog Bimber – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme Nulled Free

>>>v9.2 – major update – 31 December 2021
# NEW – WordPress 5.9 compatibility
# NEW – Snax plugin: quiz explanations
# NEW – Snax plugin: quiz global settings
# NEW – Snax plugin: scroll to the next question
# NEW – WP Rocket integration (for Critical CSS)

# Improved – Snax plugin: filters added to allow changing report mail title/body
# Improved – Mailchimp For WordPress plugin integration: new filter to turn off form sending via ajax
# Improved – WP Bakery Page Builder plugin latest version
# Improved – Easy Social Share Buttons plugin latest version
# Improved – Documentation updated

# Fixed – Home Filters don’t work if Front Page is set to A static page
# Fixed – AdAce plugin: Vignette ad slot for AdSense
# Fixed – CommentAce plugin: wrong sort order (compared as strings)
# Fixed – CommentAce plugin: guest voting
# Fixed – CommentAce plugin: wrong scores when up/down scores hidden
# Fixed – CommentAce plugin: GIFs picker obscured by other elements
# Fixed – Download Monitor plugin integration: logo is missing on the Download page
# Fixed – Snax plugin: Sticky widget has wrong offset on a quiz using “Let’s Start” button
# Fixed – Snax plugin: Teaser widget styles in prefooter/footer
# Fixed – WooCommerce plugin integration: review avatar misaligned
# Fixed – Missing translations
# Fixed – Minor template warnings
# Fixed – PHP 8.x incompatibilities
# Fixed – Minor PHP fixes

VERSION 9.1.1 – minor update – 13 August 2021
# NEW – WordPress 5.8 compatibility (phase 1)
# Improved – Snax plugin: edit/delete simple formats (image, embed, etc.)
# Improved – WP Bakery plugin latest version
# Improved – What’s Your Reaction plugin: filter to override taxonomy
# Improved – filter to override Timeago script locale
# Fixed – CommentAce plugin: all comments loaded in BP > Comments > Voted if a user has no votes
# Fixed – CommentAce plugin: wrong labels
# Fixed – CommentAce plugin: minor js fixes
# Fixed – Snax plugin: insufficient scripts dependency for Link format
# Fixed – Snax plugin: not all questions loaded with the “Shuffle questions” option
# Fixed – What’s Your Reaction plugin: show only on chosen post types
# Fixed – WPML plugin integration: logo translation
# Fixed – Minor PHP fixes
# Fixed – Minor template warnings

>>> = v9.1 – major update – 24 May 2021 =
# NEW – AdsMania demo
# NEW – AdAce plugin: Ad Free module
# NEW – AdAce plugin: New ad slot “Full Screen Vignette”
# NEW – AdAce plugin: New ad slot “Before pagination”
# NEW – AdAce plugin: New ad slot “After pagination”
# NEW – AdAce plugin: Custom Ad, Link field predefined URLs
# Improved – CommentAce plugin: GIPHY attribution as a logo
# Improved – AdAce plugin integration: background color option for the Before the Header Theme Area Slot
# Improved – Mailchimp plugin integration: form submission without reloading
# Fixed – Snax plugin: Broken Audio/Video item upload form
# Fixed – Snax plugin: Referral link edition on the backend
# Fixed – Spacing between category labels
# Fixed – Gutenberg Large Quote: no size change

>>> = v9.0.3 – minor update – 22 April 2021 =
# Fixed – BuddyPress plugin integration: the Register page has got some rendering glitches
# Fixed – WooCommerce plugin integration: outdated translations
# Fixed – BuddyPress Followers Widget: display only one member
# Fixed – CommentAce plugin: too few arguments for the comment_text filter
# Fixed – MediaAce plugin: default featured image
# Fixed – Snax plugin: media dialog not opening for Link/External Product, when auto-fetching fails
# Fixed – PHP 8.x incompatibilities

>>> = v9.0.2 – minor update – 15 April 2021 =
# Fixed – WooCommerce plugin integration: v5.2.0 template compatibility
# Fixed – WooCommerce plugin integration: cart totals rendering glitch
# Fixed – BuddyPress plugin integration: CSS fixes
# Fixed – CommentAce plugin: Recent Comments now works on BuddyPress Single Member Profile
# Fixed – CommentAce plugin: voting with empty score
# Fixed – CommentAce plugin: when guest voting is off, the login popup breaks
# Fixed – Snax plugin: wrong number of all questions when shuffle on
# Fixed – Snax plugin: media dialog not opening for quiz/poll, on the frontend
# Fixed – What’s Your Reaction plugin: minor css fix
# Fixed – “Invalid Post Type” error, on the second search try for posts, on the backend
# Fixed – Minor template warnings

>>> = v9.0.1 – minor update – 9 April 2021 =
# Fixed – Posts widget: sorting by views
# Fixed – BuddyPress Nouveau: CSS fixes
# Fixed – Snax plugin: headers sent
# Fixed – CommentAce plugin: script breaks when guest commenting is off

>>> = VERSION 8.6.3 – minor update – 21 January 2021 =
# Improved – Featured Entries support for quizzes and polls
# Improved – AdAce plugin: Date archives support for ad slots
# Improved – Snax plugin: option to hide the info “Browse and Manage your votes”
# Improved – What’s Your Reaction plugin: supported post types option added
# Improved – Easy Social Share Buttons plugin latest version

>>> # Fixed – MediaElement library loaded condition check
# Fixed – GIF player on mobile can’t be paused
# Fixed – Snax plugin: History collection broken pagination
# Fixed – Snax plugin: Redirects infinite loop on BP private pages
# Fixed – Snax plugin: do not log activity for guests
# Fixed – Snax plugin: Quiz/Poll activities not logged
# Fixed – Snax plugin: Permalinks structure not applied for BP custom components
# Fixed – G1 Socials plugin: broken links to Documentation

>>> = VERSION 8.6.1 – minor update – 17 December 2020 =
# Improved – myCRED plugin: points (new hook) for the owner for voting on his post/item
# Improved – AdAce plugin: Sponsors taxonomy support for Quizzes and Polls
# Improved – What’s Your Reaction plugin: Reactions taxonomy support for Polls
# Improved – Easy Social Share Buttons plugin latest version

>>> # Fixed – Video (embed) not stripped from post content
# Fixed – Submenu inside the footer causes scrollbars
# Fixed – Misaligned tagline inside the center column
# Fixed – Ads menu available on Dashboard for Snax Author role
# Fixed – Polls menu available on Dashboard for Snax Author role
# Fixed – WPBakery Page Builder plugin integration: responsive videos
# Fixed – WooCommerce plugin integration: off-canvas doesn’t work on a single product page
# Fixed – Mashshare plugin integration: square brackets in post title breaks the share buttons
# Fixed – Restrict Content Pro plugin integration: missing checkboxes
# Fixed – Snax plugin: quiz accessible on a password protected page
# Fixed – Snax plugin: poll accessible on a password protected page
# Fixed – Snax plugin: Browse Files dialog doesn’t work for the item submission form, on a list

>>> v8.6 – major update – 19 November 2020 –

>>> # NEW – WordPress 5.6 compatibility
# NEW – WooCommerce 4.7 compatibility
# NEW – PHP 7.4 compatibility
# NEW – Facebook and Instagram embeds support
# NEW – Snax plugin: option to define the number of quiz questions per page
# NEW – Snax plugin: preloading iconfonts for better speed
# NEW – G1 Socials plugin: preloading iconfonts for better speed

>>> # Improved – WP Bakery Page Builder plugin latest version
# Improved – Easy Social Share Buttons plugin latest version
# Improved – Youzer plugin latest version
# Improved – Snax plugin: keep the current URL after logging in via social networks
# Improved – Documentation: Facebook Social Login
# Improved – Documentation: Google Social Login
# Improved – Documentation: Instagram Social Login
# Improved – Documentation: LinkedIn Social Login

>>> # Fixed – User Nav: redirect to link if drop content not exists
# Fixed – Post Collection: rendering glitches on mobiles
# Fixed – Newsletter Popup: cover image won’t load without lazy loading
# Fixed – AdAce plugin: ad slot groups select not loaded when random type selected
# Fixed – MediaAce plugin: default expire header removed
# Fixed – MediaAce plugin: cropping doesn’t work properly
# Fixed – Snax plugin: broken pagination on BuddyPress profile > Collections
# Fixed – Snax plugin: URL var change resets BuddyPress modules
# Fixed – Snax plugin: incorrect repetition cycle for the ad slot “After X Snax Items”
# Fixed – Snax plugin: item navigation loads on the search results page
# Fixed – Snax plugin: reCaptcha rendered on every login popup opening
# Fixed – Snax plugin: BuddyPress components reset on permalinks save
# Fixed – Snax plugin: Collections pagination base omit type param
# Fixed – What’s Your Reaction plugin: BuddyPress components reset on permalinks save
# Fixed – BuddyPress plugin integration: Edit Profile page has got the wrong spacing
# Fixed – BuddyPress plugin integration: social login buttons rendering glitch
# Fixed – BuddyPress plugin integration: Profile > Settings > Lost Password link broken
# Fixed – Download Monitor plugin integration: download button rendering glitch
# Fixed – myCRED plugin integration: user’s points rounded incorrectly in the user nav dropdown

>>> = v8.5.1 =
# Improved – WP Bakery Page Builder plugin latest version

>>> # Fixed – Masonry template: rendering glitches on Safari
# Fixed – Search field: unified design of the cancel button
# Fixed – AdAce plugin: not published ads still displayed
# Fixed – AdAce plugin: missing translations
# Fixed – Snax plugin: Browse button inactive for hidden forms
# Fixed – Snax plugin: Collection redirects to 404 after clearing items
# Fixed – Off-canvas background image issue with lazy loading
# Fixed – Dark Mode: social icons color issue
# Fixed – Comments backward compatibility

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