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Download CarePro - SaaS Domestic Staffing Agency Management System
Download CarePro – SaaS Domestic Staffing Agency Management System

What is CarePro?

This is the Software as a Service (Saas) version of our CarePro Domestic Staffing Agency Management Software. Start a profitable online business in minutes with this powerful script!

Would you like to run a lucrative Software as a Service business? Then this script is exactly what you need! It comes with tons of options that give you the power to set up your business the way you like! Create different monthly and annual plans, set up Stripe or Paypal (or both) and you are all set! Best of all, this script can work with almost any hosting including shared hosts!

The unlimited creative subscription

CarePro demo

CarePro features


  1. Create Unlimited Plans
    Easily create unlimited plans and set user limits, department limits, and disk space limits for each. Plans can be made public or private. All plans support monthly and annual subscriptions. Free plans can also be created. You can also enable or disable the free trial.
  2. Subscriber Management
    Manage all your subscribers easily from the admin dashboard. View invoices and overviews of subscriber application usage. You can also suspend accounts, change plans, and edit subscriber details.
  3. Multiple or Single Database Supported
    The application supports using either a single database or multiple databases for tenant (subscriber) data. You can change the mode by altering just one setting! The single database mode is especially useful in shared or Cpanel hosting environments.
  4. Multiple Currencies Supported
    You can set up the application to use multiple currencies. This allows you to bill subscribers in their local currencies. Currencies can also be assigned to payment methods as needed.
  5. Paypal, Stripe, Rave & Bank Payment Methods
    Out of the box, the application comes with Paypal, Stripe, and Bank payment support. Paypal and Stripe are configured to accept subscription payments. Payment methods can be assigned to your installed currency of choice. More payment methods are coming soon. You can also contact us to integrate other methods.
  6. Blog, CMS, and User Guide System
    The application comes with a blogging system as well as a CMS for managing articles and writeups on the site. There is also a powerful documentation system you can use to build a user guide for your users.
  7. Supports Multiple Languages
    GForce supports multiple languages out of the box! New languages can easily be added.

Download CarePro – SaaS Domestic Staffing Agency Management System July 2022

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