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what is meta box?

Meta Box + 29 Premium Extensions Free Download Nulled 5.6.6 – MetaBox | Meta Box Nulled + 29 Premium Extensions v5.6.6 is an entirely free Gutenberg and GDPR-compliant WordPress Custom Fields plugin as well as a framework that speeds up the process of customizing websites using — you know what, meta boxes and custom fields within WordPress.

Why Choose Meta Box Plugin

There are numerous possibilities and extension options for you to stay entertained or just add what you’ll need. And all while keeping your workload light, thanks to our API. It’s also WordPress Multisite-compatible.

Install in just a few seconds

Select your preferred options, Then copy and paste the code automatically generated on your site.

ONLINE Generator

Make your code using The Online Generator and save it from being used in future projects.


Are you looking for inspiration for starting your own business? Look through our code samples on GitHub!

META BOX Builder

Simply drag and drop the own custom fields onto the page programming knowledge is needed!


The no-cost CPT Extension lets you create taxonomies and post types that are custom simple.

Flexible and endlessly adaptable

It’s precisely this. It’s brimming with options, which means you can build a practical custom solution.

Meta Box is so highly customizable that it might even appear like you wrote everything entirely from scratch.


Custom fields can be added to WordPress, and you can start with a form that you can customize within a matter of minutes. It’s as easy as filling out a questionnaire.

Choose the customized options you’d like in our online Generator form. Copy and paste the generated PHP into your site’s HTML.

Fast and Lightweight

This plugin for custom fields for WordPress is quick and fast without complicated options for plugins or admin pages. It is merely a quick and easily integrable code.


The addition of custom fields to WordPress isn’t necessarily lengthy or complicated. Meta Box works smoothly with any theme, plugin, or website.

In and out

If you have added customized fields into WordPress, you will never lose your information! Meta Box is fully compatible with WordPress import and export functions and makes to transition to new sites.

Bring on the MULTI SITES

Meta Box is fully compatible with both Multisite and individual installations.


Meta Box is entirely compatible with Gutenberg and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Meta Box does not store personal information or transmit information to servers located in remote locations.

Expand custom fields to custom fields in WordPress

You can get everything you need in a custom field plugin and everything you’d like by utilizing extensions. Mix the two and bundle them with 25+ extensions to provide sophisticated functionality. Make your custom-fit without any of the hassles.

Full Throttle

Meta Box extensions are plugins that allow you to enhance the basic capabilities of Meta Box in the most effective way for your needs.

You can buy every extension separately or get all the features you’ll ever require from the most customized fields extension plugin WordPress offers by purchasing the All-In-One Developer Bundle.

Drag and Drop It

Want to avoid touching code while creating your website? Try Meta Box Builder as an opportunity.

You can create WordPress customized user forms and fields using our drag-and-drop interface. Export the PHP code and utilize the same features with no added weight of an extension.

You can apply the same procedure to WordPress Custom Post Types using the MB Custom Post Type.

Box It Up

If you’ve got lots of WordPress custom fields, the user interface could seem complex.

Make use of Meta Box Group to arrange your fields and subfields into blockable, manageable pieces. It is suitable for multi-level nesting, and it also has a tool for cloning to stop the repetition.

Re-“Form” the situation

Do you require a customized form for users to post information like reviews or listings for real estate that are compiled in the back-end?

The The MB Frontend submission extension will create it, and the form you have created appears wherever you type the shortcode.

Better than Mahogany

The WordPress meta table that stores metadata is very flexible, but it is also limited details.

Organize your data in a way that is efficient and according to your workflow so that you can easily access everything you require in every WordPress Meta box that you have created for your custom.

Make Templates in Minutes

The process of obtaining the fields’ values and then displaying these values on the front end won’t be an easy task!

Through MMB Views it is possible to design templates for your individual or archived pages in a matter of minutes and then set the conditions for which pages to display.

It just keeps getting better.

That’s barely one-quarter of the capabilities Meta Box can do.

Visit Our Extensions page to browse the complete collection of premium and free extensions that you can integrate into the most flexible WordPress custom field plugin. WordPress can provide to help improve your workflow.

Meta Box Demo

Meta Box + 29 Premium Extensions Changelog

= 5.6.6 – 2022-08-05 =
– Fix meta box not showing for settings page under Media
– Fix upload to the custom folder does not display the image
– Fix field taxonomy not creating new term if required = true

= 5.6.5 – 2022-07-14 =

  • Fix select advanced don’t escape HTML characters

5.4.6 – 2021-07-08

5.4.5 – 2021-07-08

  • Fix styling issue for heading field and side meta boxes

5.4.4 – 2021-07-06

  • Improve usability for time picker on mobile by adding +/- buttons
  • Make all input, select, textarea 100% width
  • Export clone functions to the global “rwmb”

5.4.3 – 2021-06-30

  • Fix trailing comma in function call for PHP < 7.3

5.4.2 – 2021-06-29

  • Improve style for media fields to reuse style/HTML markup.
  • Make input, select, input group, select2, textarea full width on the side context.
  • Improve style for button group when buttons don’t have same width.
  • Set better default options for date time pickers.
  • Allow to output HTML in input prepend/append (ex. icon).
  • Add filter rwmb_dismiss_dashboard_widget to dismiss dashboard widget.

5.4.1 – 2021-06-01

  • Improve style for prepend, append text
  • Improve style for select2 on mobiles
  • Make select_tree extend select_advanced and respect select_advanced options

5.4.0 – 2021-05-08

  • Shortcode: add render_shortcodes attribute (default true) to allow render inner shortcodes.
  • File fields: allow to change uploaded file name when uploading to custom folder via unique_filename_callback setting
  • Dashboard: add more video tutorials
  • Image fields: fix actions (edit, delete) not visible on mobile
  • Choice fields: fix not saving value if they contain quotes
  • Datetime fields: fix not saving timestamp via REST API

5.3.10 – 2021-04-24

  • Disable autocomplete for date/datetime fields
  • Input list field: Fix label not working if contains HTML
  • Fix multiple OSM on the same page
  • Add auto update for solutions
  • Fix various bugs for the wysiwyg editor field (mostly in blocks) and allows to pass tinyMCE/quicktags settings to the editor

5.3.9 – 2021-03-10

  • Fix taxonomy_advanced doesn’t load options in attachment with media_modal set to true.
  • Fix rwmb_{$field_id}_choice_label not working for checkbox_list field type
  • Fix clone_default not working for switch if set std = true
  • Update jQueryUI styles to 1.12.1

5.3.8 – 2021-01-28

  • Fix value not available when loaded in map and osm fields.

5.3.7 – 2021-01-11

  • Fix editor not editable in Gutenberg
  • Fix content in the visual tab of editors not saving
  • Make required validation work for color, map, osm, switch, text-list fields
  • Add dismiss action for dashboard news

Download Meta Box + 29 Premium Extensions Nulled v5.6.6

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