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WordPress Automatic Plugin

what is WordPress Automatic Plugin?

WordPress Automatic Plugin posts from almost any website to WordPress automatically.

It can import from popular sites like Youtube and Twitter utilizing their APIs or from almost any website of your choice using its scraping modules.

WordPress Automatic Plugin Latest Version Free Download – WordPress Automatic Plugin is one of the best content scraper plugins for WordPress. It is available on the Codecanyon market and has almost 23,998+ sales until today. It has auto-posts regular articles, Clickbank products, amazon products, youtube videos, feed posts, and much more. You just need to create a campaign and relax. The WordPress Automatic Plugin will posts content according to your campaign settings on autopilot. It is effortless to create a campaign. You just need to go to your WordPress Dashboard>>New Campaign, then select Campaign Type, Campaign keywords, post template, post-filters, etc., and hit the publish button. That’s it, now sit back and relax. This plugin will do all content publishing work for you.

WordPress Automatic Plugin supports 30+ Campaign Types. It can scrape and auto-publish content from almost all popular social sites, affiliate sites, and even a regular site. This plugin also gives an option to spin posted content using “the best spinner”.

The unlimited creative subscription

WordPress Automatic Plugin demo

WordPress Automatic Plugin Features:

  • Automatically post content from RSS.
  • Automatically post from RSS feed to WordPress
  • Automatically post from any website to WordPress
  • Automatically Post Amazon Products to WordPress
  • Automatically Post eBay Products to WordPress
  • Automatically Post Walmart Products to WordPress
  • Automatically post ClickBank products to WordPress
  • Auto Post from Envato to WordPress
  • Automatically post Craigslist listings to WordPress
  • Automatically post from CareerJet to WordPress
  • Automatically post from Facebook to WordPress
  • Auto-post from Twitter to WordPress
  • Automatically post from Instagram to WordPress
  • Automatically Post from Pinterest to WordPress
  • Automatically Post from Reddit to WordPress
  • Automatically post Flickr images to WordPress
  • Automatically post Youtube videos to WordPress
  • Automatically post Vimeo videos to WordPress
  • Automatically post DailyMotion videos to WordPress
  • Automatically Post SoundCloud Audio to WordPress
  • Automatically Post From Itunes to WordPress
  • Automatically post Ezine articles to WordPress
  • Automatically Post Spintax to WordPress
  • Get full content from summary feeds.
  • Extract specific sections of the original feed article.
  • Search and replace.
  • Original article time.
  • Extract list.
  • Extract the original tags.
  • Extract the original author.
  • Ignore posts with no content.
  • Ignore non-English posts.
  • Skip posts without images.
  • Post oldest entries first.
  • Decode html entities.
  • Convert encoding before posting.
  • Ignore duplicate titles.
  • Featured image from Facebook og:title.

Benefits of Using WordPress Automatic Plugin

Although there are many benefits of having Scraper. Scraper provides you a visual editor so that you can scrape almost every website.

Being able to scrape data from websites in an accurate and flexible way has always been challenging. Scraper lets you visually build your scraping templates, without writing code.

The following list of exclusive Scraper features makes it the best scraping plugin to have on your WordPress.

  • Visual Intuitive Editor – Just Click on the element to grab its content
  • Content transform – Create Custom Templates, Translate, Math Functions, Content Spinning
  • Multiple Scraping Templates – Simple Post (title, content, featured image, gallery, tags, etc), Woo Commerce Product Details, Scrape Custom Posts with Advance Mode
  • Design a Custom Output – Ability to design a custom output after scraping
  • Scrape 100+ Sources – Scraper has been tried and tested with 100+ websites and is fully functional on them.
  • Conditional Scraping – Scrape only the posts that you actually need excluding the others
  • JSON Parser – Ability to parse any information that contains JSON objects.
  • Cookie Support – Scraper fully supports cookies, you could define cookies for any task.
  • Proxy Support – Ability to use proxies on Scraping
  • WooCommerce Products – Scraper supports any type of WooCommerce tags chance you can easily create WooCommerce Products.

These striking features make scraper the Best Scraping Plugin of WordPress and make its way to the Trending Plugins list of Envato Market.

WordPress Automatic Plugin Changelog:


“Fix: ClickBank module updated to work again after changes
Fix: Make permalink link directly to the source now works for eBay and AliExpress affiliate links”


  • Fix: Google translation back to work normally
  • NEW: Careerjet now imports the logo image
  • NEW: Reddit can now filter videos only and Gifs only
  • Fix: Amazon images now load correctly
  • Fix: eBay module rewritten to use the new eBay Browse API
  • Fix: Facebook now import description if containing quotes
  • Fix: The plugin now keep backslashes in title and content
  • Fix: Careerjet full description extraction better method
  • Fix:Instagram can now import popular images without issues
  • Fix: Youtube embed back to load normally
  • NEW: option to hyperlink specific keywords with a specific link
  • NEW: option to not remove html tags from title
  • NEW: Feeds/multi-scraper option to only check top post
  • NEW: Deepl new formality option
  • NEW: Option to set parent category for created categories
  • NEW: Option to remove inline links from the post content
  • Fix: Instagram module code updated to work again correctly
  • NEW: Option to set the slug to original post slug
  • NEW: JavaScript support for Single/Multi-page scraper/Feeds
  • NEW: Pinterest skip pins with no title
  • Fix: amazon without API and EzineArticles recent changes handled
  • New: option to skip posts longer than a specific length
  • Fix: Craigslist back to work with major improvements and full Woo support
  • Updated: Deepl free API can now be used on the plugin settings page
  • Fix: Adjust numeric values option now can adjust values containing a comma
  • Fix: List of languages updated for Deepl
  • NEW: PolyLang plugin full support
  • Fix: Facebook updated to fix not logged in for EU users
  • Fix: Amazon extra part on the description CDATA now fixed
  • Fix: CareerJet now save the sorting option as date
  • NEW: option to adjust numeric values e.g: increase returned price
  • Fix: SoundCloud module updated to work again after new changes
  • Fix: Facebook pinned post now get skipped
  • Fix: Facebook events now return the date
  • Fix: Facebook option to skip shared posts now works
  • Fix: Amazon books now get imported with more details
  • Improved: new user nick name from display name when creating a user
  • NEW: Multi-page scraper now supports Infinite scroll.
  • Fix: TikTok posting from a specific user back to work.
  • Fix: FB empty images issue sorted.
  • Fix: FB videos back to embed normally.
  • Bug Fix: Multi-page scraper Fixed pattern next page URL now supports negative steps.
  • Fix: eBay updated to support new links format.
  • NEW: Youtube safe search option added.
  • NEW: Google translate now supports Traditional Chinese.
  • Fix: TikTok now can import from a specific user normally even if blocked.
  • Fix: Facebook now reports when a cookie is a must.
  • NEW: Reddit video embeds now supports sound.
  • And Some other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

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