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Bootslider is ultimate Bootstrap Slider Plugin offering the capability to combine the beauty of Bootstrap with this power of a full featured content slider with layer possibility.

When we created Bootslider, we had 1 thing in mind: The ultimate user experience. That is why, we created a slider that comes with tons of eyecatching animations, is fully customizable & works perfectly on every device. What does that mean?


Adapts to any screen size (try resizing the browser). The slider works & absolutely stunning on all touch device, laptop & desktop screens.

Touch Enabled

Touch & mouse swiping is fully supported by Bootslider. It support swipe navigation on any touch device.

Bootstrap 3

To feed your creativity & to make Bootslider the best choice, we enabled your düzgüsel Bootstrap content inside the slides.

High Performance

Bootslider is hardware accelerated. Animations are smooth, crisp & clean, extremely high performance.

CSS3 Transitions

Support over 115 super smooth & unique transitions to change slides. Slide, Rotate, Flip, Tilt, Shake & custom ones.

Cross Browser

Works perfectly in major types of browsers eg Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE & Opera which support CSS3.

SEO Friendly

U can use any type of HTML elements (headings, paragraph, lists, ….) in slider markup, they will be visible to search engines.

Fully Customizable

Each & every part of slider can be changed so easily, it is easier than pie! U will find ready-to-use skin file in download package.


Your slides can contain responsive video iframes inside the markup or fullscreen video that cover the whole slider.

In & Out Animations

Bootslider support both in & out slide animations through data attribute. Check the availabe animations here.

Slide Timeout

U can set a specific timeout for each slide. For example, u can set the first slide to stay for 5 seconds, & the second 1 for 10.

Content Animation

With Bootslider, u can set an in & out animation, an entering delay & exiting delay for each content element inside the slide.

Full Width & Boxed

This slider can be used in boxed & fullwidth mode, simply fitting & adapting itself inside the Bootstrap columns.

Multiple Instances

U can add multiple instances of slider with different skin & customization in 1 page. Bootslider will do the job!

Complete Control

Each of functionalities that the slider provide can be turned ON & OFF, depending on your needs.


Update 2.3 17/06/2015

  • Fixed Thumbnails bug
  • Fixed YouTube integration
  • Fixed single Slide not showing issue

Update 2.1 19/03/2014

    Update 2.2 01/05/2014

    • Fixed IE8-11 fixed-height layout bug
    • Fixed Mobile random loading bug

    Update 2.1 19/03/2014

    • Fixed IE8-11 Load Bug
    • Fixed IE8-11 Parallax Bug
    • Timer Pauses on Video play
    • Minor bug fixes
    • Added YouTube & Vimeo APIs
    • Added Video Autoplay Feature
    • Added looponce setting
    • Reconfigured file structure
    • Localized JS file

    Update 2.0 28/01/2014

    • Improved the preload function
    • Updated centered fullscreen & fixed height layouts
    • Fixed bugs in IE11 & IE8

    Update 1.1 03/01/2014

    • Custom slide thumbnails via data-thumbnail
    • New fullscreen layout with centered image

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