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Free Download Livemesh – Addons for Elementor Pro v7.1.9

what is Livemesh?

Addons for Elementor Pro is a WordPress plugin that comes bundled with 13 professional quality page builder addons built for the popular Elementor page builder. The plugin requires you to have Elementor plugin installed and activated on your site.

The unlimited creative subscription

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Livemesh Addons for Elementor Pro Features:

  • User Interface That Is Both Clean and Simple
  • Pre-selected optimal settings
  • The Best Elementor Posts Grid, Posts Block, and Posts Carousel
    • You may create a portfolio of your work/services/products using the Grid element.
    • Support for AJAX pagination with the ability to handle a huge number of pages in a smooth manner.
    • Other techniques for AJAX-based post navigation include Load more, Load on Scroll (infinite Scroll), and Next Prev navigation.
    • Filters for categories and taxonomies based on AJAX. Without refreshing the page, visitors may browse the whole collection of blog entries or custom post kinds, as well as their categories.
    • Filters collapse when the size of the screen/device shrinks.
    • Elementor Theme Builder templates provide unlimited customization and support for custom skins.
    • There are over 15 built-in styles that have been carefully considered.
    • For blogs, news, and magazine-style websites, there are over a dozen built-in Posts Block designs.
    • There are six distinct Articles Grid designs for presenting your blog posts, portfolio items, or any custom post type, as well as seven different header styles.
    • Filtering, pagination, and loading efficiency are all improved by using the built-in cache.
    • Almost all display components may be switched off or on with ease.
    • Click anywhere on the image to bring up the lightbox. The lightbox can be accessed by clicking on an icon if the gallery item has a destination URL.
    • Lightbox supports advanced features such as touch/swipe controls, pinch out/in, double-tap, keyboard navigation, full screen, thumbnails, social media sharing, hardware-accelerated animations, and direct linking.
    • Support for WooCommerce – You can now construct a grid of WooCommerce items and display data like as name, price, rating, add to cart, add to wish list, and more. It has a fast view feature that displays product information in a modal window.
  • Posts Slider, Posts Multislider, and Posts Gridbox Slider have more styles and options.
  • Image/Video Gallery and Image/Video Slider/Carousel for Elementor with the most features.
    • Images, YouTube/Vimeo, and HTML5 self-hosted videos are all supported by the gallery module.
    • Images, YouTube/Vimeo, and HTML5 self-hosted videos are all supported with the Gallery Carousel/Slider module.
    • Use the video gallery addon element to display a collection of YouTube, Vimeo, or MP4/WebM movies. Especially useful for video lesson sites, video bloggers, and studios with a lot of video material.
    • Tags providing support for AJAX-based video tag filtering. There are seven distinct header styles to choose from, each with its own set of filters.
    • Pagination, lazy loading through a load more button, and lazy loading with load on scroll are all advanced features (infinite scroll).
    • Use a custom thumbnail or let the service provider give you with a YouTube/Vimeo video thumbnail.
    • For the display of image/video gallery items, there are seven header styles and three skins to choose from.
    • Pagination has built-in cache support to improve speed.
  • YouTube Gallery uses the official YouTube API to show videos from YouTube automatically.
    • Given a Channel ID, Playlist ID, or a list of Video IDs, display a selection of YouTube videos acquired through the YouTube API. Especially useful for video lesson sites, video bloggers, and studios with a lot of video material.
    • Given a Channel ID, Playlist ID, or a collection of video IDs, display videos in YouTube Grid.
    • Use the YouTube API to display the title, excerpt, channel name/avatar, uploaded date, duration, and views/likes/comments count of YouTube videos.
    • Display a YouTube channel header containing information from the YouTube API, such as the channel name, banner, avatar, channel metrics, and channel description.
    • For a paginated presentation of YouTube videos, use the Load More feature.
  • Vimeo Gallery uses the Vimeo Developer API to show films from Vimeo automatically.
    • Showcase a collection of Vimeo films based on a User ID, Channel ID, Album ID, or Group ID acquired using the Vimeo API. Especially useful for video lesson sites, video bloggers, and studios with a lot of video material.
    • Videos with a User ID, Channel ID, Album ID, or Group ID will be shown on the Vimeo Grid.
    • For the presentation of videos, there are several sort options available, including alphabetical, uploaded date, edited date, view count, number of likes, number of comments, and video duration.
    • Use the Vimeo API to display the title, excerpt, user account name/avatar, categories, uploaded date, duration, and views/likes/comments count of Vimeo videos.
    • Display a Vimeo user account header containing information from the Vimeo API, such as the account name, logo, website, location, account metrics, and account description.
    • For a paginated presentation of Vimeo films, use the Load More feature.
  • Twitter Grid – Showcase your tweets in a way you’ve never seen before. User timelines, favorites, tweets by search, and user lists are all supported.
    • Three lovely skins for displaying the Twitter grid.
    • Display tweet text in a lightbox and open photos in a lightbox.
    • Fully responsive with a wide range of customization options — you can choose what to show and how to show twitter components.
    • More content can be loaded using the AJAX option.
    • To bypass Twitter API rate restriction, there is a built-in caching for tweets.
    • Show tweets from a user’s timeline, favorites, or lists, or show tweets based on a search query.
  • Tabs — The plugin’s tabs feature supports a total of ten beautifully designed designs. If you include the dark variations, there are a total of 20 styles. There is no other plugin or theme that offers as many attractive tab designs as this one.
    • There are two sorts of tabs: vertical and ordinary horizontal tabs.
    • The tabs have been intended to operate in all device resolutions while maintaining usability. At a particular mobile resolution, the tab’s responsive mode can be activated. The user may change the mobile resolution setting.
    • The option of showing a font icon or an icon picture beside the tab title is offered for styles that allow icons.
    • All ten tab styles include a dark variant that may be used on dark backgrounds.
    • From other websites or external sites, you may connect directly to certain tabs.
  • WooCommerce Grid – Display a WooCommerce product grid using AJAX. E-commerce sites will like it.
    • Posts Grid now has WooCommerce support. You may now design an AJAX-powered product grid that includes all necessary product features such as alternative image, product name, sale price, rating, add to cart button, sale indicator, add to wish list, and so on.
    • The Posts Grid now has two additional designs that are only available in WooCommerce goods.
    • Posts Grid’s 7 header styles may be used for AJAX-based product filtering.
    • WooCommerce items have a quick view option. You may now access all of a product’s primary information in a modal window without leaving the WooCommerce grid page.
    • For paginated WooCommerce product display, use the Pagination, Load More, and Load on Scroll functions.
  • Image Slider– A responsive image slider with a lot of possibilities for customizing the slider’s operation and display. Nivo, Flex, Slick, and lightweight Responsive sliders are available.
  • For improved performance, disable addons you don’t use.
  • Support for dynamic content in Elementor
  • All widgets and their styles/skins have a lovely design. Modules for Elementor were created and developed with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Documentation in great detail

Livemesh Addons for Eementor Premium Changelog:

= v7.1.8 =

  • Added – Documentation for Posts Slider, Posts Multi slider and Posts Gridbox Slider
  • Added – Code documentation for widgets

= v7.1.4 =
* Updated – Freemius SDK 2.4.3 security update

= v7.1.1 =
* Fixed – Livemesh Item and Livemesh Grid instances not being listed in the theme builder

= v7.1 =
* Fixed – Duplicate CSS entries in the minified CSS files due to a dev build configuration iss

= v7.0 =
* Fixed – Cumulative Layout shift issue with widgets
* Fixed – Rendering issues due to stylesheets loading in the footer.
* Tweak – Combined and minified CSS for faster loading

= v6.16 =
* New Widget – The Message Box widget

= v6.15 =
* Tweak – Increased the number of columns allowed in Posts Carousel.
* Added – Compatibility with Elementor 3.5.

= v6.14 =
* Fixed – Deprecated warnings raised on PHP 8.
* Added – Compatibility with PHP 8.

= v6.12 =
* Tweak – Moved to Slick Carousel library from legacy Flex Slider for the Testimonials Slider.
* Added – Compatibility with Elementor 3.4

= v6.10.3 =
* Fixed – The Posts Gridbox Slider does not display some of the posts in Safari browser for premium styles of the widget.

= v6.10.2 =
* Fixed – The Posts Gridbox Slider does not display some of the posts in Safari browser.

= v6.10.1 =
* Fixed – The Posts Slider Style 1 does not display post summary information.
* Fixed – With Team Members addon Style 2, the member details wraps around the profile photo. Moved to CSS flex box based layout of elements.

= v6.10 =
* Added – Dark Mode setting for most widgets in the Style tab.
* Added – Additional styling for dark mode. This styling is applied when dark mode is enabled for widgets residing on pages or page sections with dark backgrounds.

= v6.9.5 =
* Added – Two new styles for the Testimonials widget including one with list style Testimonials
* Refactored HTML generated for Testimonials and Testimonials Slider widget
* Refactored SCSS/CSS for Testimonials and Testimonials Slider widget

= v6.9.3 =
* Added – Option to enable and disable user header information in Vimeo Grid
* Added – Option to enable and disable channel header information in YouTube Grid

= v6.9.1 =
* Added – Carousel option along with Grid for Team Members and Testimonials Elementor addons
* Added – Support for star rating in Testimonials addons
* Added – A new style for Testimonials addon
* Fixed – Fatal error when the plugin is activated in an environment using legacy versions of Elementor

= v6.8 =
* Fixed – Sanitized options in the editor to enforce better security policies based on research by Wordfence team

= v6.7.2 =
* Fixed – Fatal error with WooCommerce grid quick view function

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