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what’s Master Addons Pro for Elementor?

Master Addons is a group of Elementor Addons which are each lovely and cutting-edge in design. Have you been looking out for the very best Elementor plugins that will help you create a singular web site? You received’t must look far to search out it. You obtain a good selection of options with Master Addons for Elementor, which flip your ordinary-looking web site into one thing dynamic, visually lovely, and rather more reader-friendly.

Master Addons consists of various helpful widgets that can assist your web site come to life. From the plugin add-ons space, you may simply allow and disable any widget. If you activate your required widget, it can load the widget’s exact script. It will velocity up your web site. Make certain the Elementor Page Builder plugin is put in. It won’t work in any other case. Every day, we work on its evolution, trying to incorporate the entire obligatory widgets.

Master Addons Pro for Elementor demo

Master Addons Pro for Elementor Features:

  • Builder for the header, footer, and remark type
  • For Elementor, it’s possible you’ll create your individual breakpoint.
  • Builder of Mega Menus
  • Conditions of Display
  • Animation for the Entrance
  • Slideshow of Images
  • Hover Effects on Images
  • Content will be toggled
  • CSS & JS Customization
  • Duplicate all sorts of posts/pages/customized posts utilizing MA Duplicator.
  • Positioning
  • Transforms
  • Extras for the Container
  • Checker for Domains
  • Content Restrictions (Age Gate, Match Captcha, User Role & Password)
  • (100+ Pre-built Designed Landing Pages/Sections/Header/Footers) Rich Template Library

Master Addons Pro for Elementor Changelog:


“dvanced Imageaddon Image alighment & Preload image issue fixed.
FIXEDallery Slideraddon Thumbnail click issue fixed.
FIXEDavigatio Menuaddon dropdown indicator, submenu indicator, indicator hover animation & Gap between issue fixed.
FIXEDounter Upaddon suffix, prefix & image display issue fixed.
FIXEDPHP Fatal erorr fixed.
FIXEDelcome Screenphp undefined issue fixed
FIXEDackground Sliderextension overlay issue fixed
FIXEDwiper Slideraddon Arrow offset issue fixed
FIXEDWhole plugin text-domain updated it bug fixed
FIXEDnfo boxaddon css issue fixed
FIXEDA Timelineaddon php 8.0 issue fixed
FIXEDntrance Animationextension not working (frontend) issue fixed
FIXEDallery Slideraddon Thumbnail carousel display issue fixed
FIXEDilterable Image Galleryaddon massonry issue fixed.
FIXEDavigation Menuaddon JS console elementor channels not working issue fixed.”

= v1.9.2 (15-06-2022) =

  • Fixed: “Advanced Image” addon – Image alighment & Preload picture subject mounted.
  • Fixed: “Gallery Slider” addon – Thumbnail click on subject mounted.
  • Fixed: “Navigation Menu” addon – dropdown indicator, submenu indicator, indicator hover animation & Gap between subject mounted.
  • Fixed: “Counter Up” addon – suffix, prefix & picture show subject mounted.
  • New: New “Creative Button” addon – added a brand new button fashion.
  • Updated: “Team Slider” addon – added Socials community Icons – Tiktok, Youtube & Email and so on
  • Fixed: PHP Fatal erorr mounted.
  • Fixed: “Welcome Screen” php undefined subject mounted
  • Fixed: “Background Slider” extension – overlay subject mounted
  • Fixed: “Swiper Slider” addon – Arrow offset subject mounted
  • Fixed: Whole plugin text-domain up to date for translation
  • Fixed: “Info box” addon – css subject mounted
  • Fixed: “MA Timeline” addon – php 8.0 subject mounted
  • Fixed: “Entrance Animation” extension – not working (frontend) subject mounted
  • Fixed: “Gallery Slider” addon – Thumbnail carousel show subject mounted
  • Fixed: “Filterable Image Gallery” addon – massonry subject mounted.
  • Fixed: “Creative Button” addon – Elevation button fashion subject
  • Fixed: PHP Warning undefined index subject mounted on white label
  • Fixed: Fixed typo on white label
  • Fixed: PHP undefined array key subject mounted
  • New: New Addon “Logo Slider” Released
  • New: Added white label settings to take away MA Placeholder picture
  • Removed: Timeline – Post Timeline “Date Source” eliminated
  • Added: Timeline – Added Custom Label area to Custom Vertical Timeline.

= 1.9.1 (01-05-2022) =

  • Fixed: “Info Box” All fashion presets picture present/alignment subject mounted.
  • Fixed: “Blog Posts” addon’s List Layout Type > List Blur Content subject mounted.
  • Fixed: “Team Slider” Content Drawer fashion not working subject mounted, Social Left on Hover icon design improved, Image border settings management added & Spacing management added for identify,designation, dimension.
  • Fixed: “Nav Menu” sub menu damaged subject mounted on cellular.
  • Fixed: “Logo Slider” Slides Per Column settings area added to manage variety of photos to indicate within the slider.
  • Fixed: “Creative Button” -Effect: Ujarak hover shade subject mounted.
  • Fixed: White Label bugs for Welcome Tab subject mounted
  • Updated: Flipbox up to date with undefined variable subject
  • Updated: Team Slider up to date with undefined variables

= 1.9.0 (30-01-2022) =

  • Added: New Addon Element “Comparison Table” launched

= v1.8.5 (27-02-2022) = * Updated: Sanitization, Escape & Validation points mounted * Updated: Template Library not working subject mounted

= 1.8.0 (16-01-2022) =

  • Added: New Addon Element “Comparison Table” launched
  • Updated: Counter UP Content Alignment subject mounted
  • Updated: Pro model CSS file not discovered subject mounted
  • Updated: Swiper Slider not working subject with Team Slider, Timeline, Blog Carousel, Logo Slider and so on has been mounted
  • Fixed: Image Hover Effects – External Links not working subject mounted

= 1.7.9 (10-01-2022) =

  • Fixed: Unreleased Addons listing up to date

= 1.7.8 (10-01-2022) =

  • Added: New Extension “Tooltips” added
  • Fixed: Mega Menu Popup not working subject mounted
  • Fixed: Mega Menu Enable/Disable and “Edit with Elementor” button switcher subject mounted
  • Fixed: Floating Effects not working subject mounted

= 1.7.7 (02-01-2022) =

  • Fixed: Plugin Activation error mounted

= 1.7.6 (02-01-2022) =

  • Added: New Addon “Source Code” Addon added
  • Updated: Replaced string “MELA” on Master Addons Options panel
  • Fixed: ‘is_pro’ warning displaying on admin panel, subject mounted
  • Fixed: Advanced Tabs – Tabular Content fashion subject mounted
  • Updated: Panel “Master Addons” Icon shade subject up to date to white
  • Updated: Dashboard Widgets feed xml error subject mounted
  • Updated: Infobox Style – Five and Ten Updated, mounted damaged Hexagon format
  • Updated: Image Hotspot – Tooltip place for non-public merchandise subject mounted
  • Fixed: Modal Popup on Header Footer Templates not working subject mounted

= 1.7.5 (24-11-2021) =

  • Updated: Icons Extended Extension up to date with Icons Library – Elementor Icons, Simple Line Icons, Iconic Font Icons, Linear Icons, Material Icons.
  • Updated: Admin UI up to date
  • Updated: Display Conditions Extension for defending contents up to date for Sections. Previously, it was solely for widgets or parts. Now it helps Sections additionally
  • Removed: Trials faraway from Master Addons for Elementor
  • Fixed: Display Conditions Output HTML checkbox not working subject mounted

= (24-10-2021) =

  • Removed: Feather Icons, Remix Icons, Teeny Icons from Icons Library Manager
  • Added: Elementor Icons, Iconic Font Icons, Linear Icons, Material Icons, Simple Line Icons added on Icons Library Manager
  • Added: Icons Library Manager Options added on Master Addons Admin Panel and configured with White Label Options
  • Fixed: White Label Options not saving subject mounted
  • Fixed: Mega Menu popup not displaying subject mounted
  • Fixed: Header, Footer & Comment Form Builder popup not displaying subject mounted

= v1.7.4 (11-10-2021) =

  • Fixed: Pricing Table button not displaying subject mounted
  • Fixed: Comments addon not displaying on Addons listing subject mounted

= v1.6.5 (09-07-2021) =

  • Dependency: Elementor Custom Breakpoints plugin up to date with newest Elementor Support
  • Tweak: Removed ElementorScheme_Typography deprecated work and up to date with ElementorCoreSchemesTypography
  • Tweak: Removed ElementorCoreSchemesColor deprecated work and up to date with ElementorCoreSchemesColor
  • Update: MA Toggle Content – Label area cann’t change subject mounted, mounted Icon picker subject additionally.
  • Dependency: Stratus Theme helps given
  • Fixed: Display Conditions not working subject mounted
  • Fixed: Image filter gallery Image supply not getting subject mounted

= v1.6.0 (27-03-2021) =

  • Fixed: Dynamic Tags not working subject mounted
  • Fixed: Tooltip kinds damaged subject mounted
  • Fixed: Dashboard Text higher menu subject mounted
  • Fixed: Timeline – Custom Timline Date not displaying subject mounted

= 1.5.7 (28-02-2021) =

  • Updated: ‘jquery-slick’ up to date with ‘Swiper Slider’ library. Updated Widgets – MA Blog, MA Slider, MA Gallery Slider, MA Twitter Slider, MA Timeline and so on
  • Added: New Element added “Advanced Image”.
  • Added: “MA Duplicator” added on Extensions
  • Updated: Fully revamped plugins file building with namespace and file places.
  • Updated: Domain Checker – Added Search Button Link for Affiliates and anybody can combine WHMCS for looking out Domains.
  • Removed: Slick Slider faraway from Gallery Slider
  • Removed: Slick Slider faraway from Blog Element
  • Removed: Slick Slider faraway from Timeline
  • Removed: Slick Slider faraway from Logo Carousel
  • Removed: Slick Slider faraway from Image Carousel
  • Removed: Slick Slider faraway from Twitter Carousel
  • Updated: Blog Element up to date with Swiper Slider help and improved workality.
  • Updated: Gallery Slider up to date with Swiper Slider help
  • Updated: Timeline Element absolutely revamped with new UI and glued bugs
  • Removed: “MA” phrase faraway from all Elements
  • Added: Blog Posts Element – Added “All” textual content change possibility on Category Tabs filter. Thanks to @link1921u. Feature Request URL:
  • Added: Blog – 2 new choices added for thumbnail place – a)Top Thumb, Bottom Title and b)Bottom Thumb, Title Top. Thanks @link1921u. Feature Request URL:
  • Fixed: Filterable Gallery – Tooltip not working subject mounted
  • Fixed: Filterable Gallery – Filterable Navigation Show/Hide subject mounted
  • Added: Filterable Gallery – Tilt Effect with possibility settings added
  • Added: Filterable Gallery – Editor not working and “global” undefined console error subject mounted.
  • Added: Filterable Gallery – Lightbox picture overlaps like one after one other subject mounted. Thanks to @pedropamn. Support Link:
  • Added: Vertical Timeline – Editor not working and “global” undefined console error subject mounted.
  • Updated: Team Slider – Carousel Settings up to date with newest Swiper compatibility
  • Updated: Image Carousel – Carousel up to date with Swiper Compatibility
  • Updated: Logo Slider – Carousel up to date with Swiper Compatibility
  • Updated: Twitter Slider – Carousel up to date with Swiper Compatibility
  • Removed: “Instagram Feed” eliminated attributable to latest replace of Instagram API modifications
  • Updated: Repeater Fields not engaged on Editor and having a grey shade background subject mounted for – Advanced Accordion, Animated Headlines, Business Hours, Changelogs, Image Filterable Gallery, Image Carousel, Image Hotspot, Image Hover Effects, Logo Slider, Pricing Table, Slider Element, Dynamic Table, Advanced Tabs, Timeline, Toggle Content and so on
  • Updated: Dual Heading – First Heading and Description Alignment not working subject mounted. Conditions utilized for First Heading and Description alignment
  • Updated: Completely revamped “Advanced Accordion” with higher UX. Removed all pointless parts and kinds. Can do any kind of design now like slope title, slope shade content material and so on. Toggle content material alignment subject mounted and up to date.
  • Fixed: MA Tabs editor preview not working subject mounted
  • Fixed: MA Progressbars editor preview not working subject mounted
  • Updated: Team Members mounted points – Content alignment not working mounted, Social Icons repeater not engaged on editor mounted, Social icons fashion up to date, added placeholder picture if no picture chosen.
  • Updated: Image Hover Effects – eliminated “No Image Selected” discover and added placeholder picture for higher person expertise.
  • Updated: Background Slider Extension – mounted Editor not loading subject

= (24-01-2021) =

  • Added: Custom Timeline date_format possibility added.
  • Updated: Fully Multisite supported
  • Fixed: Multisite Activation error subject mounted
  • Updated: Multisite License replace throughout community up to date
  • Updated: Widgets loading on every Multisite require recordsdata up to date
  • Added: Advanced Accordion – Border Radius, Box Shodow added on Title

= v1.5.6 (10-01-2021) =

  • Added: “Gradient Headlines” Element added
  • Tweak: labored on Performance subject
  • Fixed: Few CSS subject mounted

= (10-12-2020) =

  • Fixed: Elementr Editor not loading after updating PhrasePress 5.6 subject mounted

= (22-11-2020) =

  • Fixed: Sweetalert2 subject mounted on Admin “Save Settings”
  • Fixed: Mailchimp Addon conflicting ID subject mounted

= 1.5.4 (21-11-2020) =

  • Updated: Slow Down Elementor subject resolved. All Scripts and Styles dependecies will solely lively whereas the particular addon shall be added.
  • Removed: Team Member default Background shade eliminated
  • Fixed: Uncaught Error: Class ‘ElementorPlugin’ not discovered subject mounted for Floating Effects
  • Added: alignment, padding possibility added for Icon, Title, Desciption on MA Infobox
  • Added: MA Counter Up – Added Individual merchandise Background Color Option
  • Added: MA Blog – Added Show/Hide Read More hyperlink
  • Updated: Getting Error “elementorFrontend” just isn’t outlined subject mounted for “Custom Breakpoints”
  • Support: Formidable Form helps given, conflicting subject with Checkbox, Labels subject mounted
  • Fixed: Active Text shade white subject on “MA Image Filter Gallery” subject mounted
  • Updated: Reveal extension bug – Anime.min.js up to date
  • Added: Morphing Blob Effect Extension
  • Added: Main plugin file renamed from ‘master-elementor-addons.php’ to ‘master-addons.php’
  • Fixed: Upsell coupon code typo subject mounted. 25% low cost given. Also made the strings translatable
  • Updated: “Total Number of Posts” on MA Blog Posts Pagination subject mounted
  • Updated: “Pagination Alignment” on MA Blog up to date and glued
  • Added: Added “Active” tab on MA Blog>Style>Pagination for styling Active pagination gadgets
  • Updated: Freemius Library Updated from v to v2.3.0
  • Fixed: “responsive_icon.svg” icon not discovered on Console subject mounted
  • Updated: Performance subject on Elementor Eidtor Speed incrementd. Re-factored recordsdata for lowest requests
  • Updated: “MA Dual Heading” – Enable Icon standing subject mounted, General settings modified to Icon Settings

= v1.5.3 (28-09-2020) =

  • Fixed: MA Table Icon not working subject mounted
  • Released: Floating Effects extension added
  • Updated: Transfroms Extension up to date. On earlier there’s lack of interactions and sluggish the Editor Process. Imrpoved the workality and efficiency.
  • Fixed: MA Advanced Accordion – Saved Section, Widget, Page Templates professional message proven
  • Fixed: MA Current Time – Custom Date Format dropdown subject mounted. Changed to TEXT format
  • Fixed: MA Countdown Timer – Datetime format subject mounted on Countdown timer. On earlier time displaying incorrect format.
  • Added: Tooltip “Visible on Hover” added on “MA Tooltip” and “MA Image Hotspot” extension

v1.5.1 (5-09-2020)
Fixed: “Animated Gradient” repeater not working for Elementor v3.0 replace subject mounted
Update: Template Importer help given for each Elementor v2.x.x and v3.x.x
Fixed: WooCommerce Checkout web page fashion subject mounted
Fixed: Custom Breakpoints Panel top subject mounted
Fixed: Custom Breakpoints up to date with native Elementor help. It works precisely like default Breakpoints.
Fixed: Custom Breakpoints – Section/Columns and all different parts Breakpoints help given.
Fixed: Custom Breakpoints – Section/Column Import Export additionally works now
Fixed: Header_Footer class not discovered on oceanwp and different Themes subject mounted
Added: Reply and Show Replies button margin possibility added

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Download Master Addons Pro for Elementor v1.9.5 Nulled – Forefront Elements for Elementor do our greatest to share Free(GPL and nulled)PhrasePress Themes,Plugins and different PHP Scripts.We at all times strive our greatest to serch the very best Pro Version WP Themes/plugins/scripts in order that you possibly can at all times Download recordsdata and will stay replace with extra newest updates. All recordsdata are collected from the web, when you discover that the file can’t be downloaded, please Contact us by our telegram and we are going to repair the hyperlinks inside 48 hours.If you encounter some recordsdata that can not be put in, Perhaps you’ll want to unzip the plugin earlier than putting in it.

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