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Nova Gallery is HTML5 multimedia gallery enabling you to showcase your photo/audio/video in a beautiful & sleek interface. You have the option of presenting your item in 2 different mode, which are Thumbnail Grid & Full-width view, & you also have the option of switching between the 2 mode. U can have multiple sets/album of item & can filter the gallery item based file type or based custom categories. The gallery allows you to showcase your Youtube/Vimeo video & Flickr/Picasa photo from groups/sets/album/collections. The gallery feature a fluid responsive design & can fit in any screen size ranging from mobile mobile phones to desktop browsers. The gallery also feature touch-screen support & uses hardware accelerated CSS based animations wherever possible which results in smooth animations, that is especially noticeable in mobile device.

Try the gallery demos & resize your browser to see the responsive design of gallery in action. Also check out the demos in your mobile device eg iPad/iPhone or Android device.

The key feature are:

  • Display photo, audio & video
  • All gallery data is passed in a simple XML file.
  • 2 display mode – Thumbnail Grid & Full-width. U can also switch between the 2 mode.
  • The Thumbnail Grid mode feature a Masonry layout & u can control the spacing between item by applying margins through css,
  • The Full-width mode allows you to show the photo/video stretched across the entire container or to shrink the item so that it can be viewed entirely without any cropping.
  • U can also have slideshow of item in Full-width mode. This slideshow stops whenever the browser tab in which the gallery is displayed, goes out of focus (this feature only works in browsers that support the HTML5 Page Visibility Api & you have the option to disable this feature).
  • Plays audio & video natively in çağdaş HTML5 browsers & switches over to Flash/Silverlight for older browsers by using Mediaelement.js.
  • Filter item, by file type or custom categories.
  • Support multiple gallery sets or album.
  • True HTML5 Fullscreen option in supported browsers.
  • Can embed Youtube & Vimeo Video.
  • Show photo from Flickr & Picasa. Multiple options are provided to pull photo from Flickr/Picasa along with this option to cache the API data. No XML file is required when showing photo from Flickr/Picasa.
  • The gallery feature a fluid responsive design to account for various screens sizes ranging from mobile mobile phones to desktop browsers & can also be placed in a container of any width.
  • The gallery is mobile device friendly with touch screen support.
  • Hardware accelerated CSS animations have been used wherever possible resulting in smooth animations, which is most noticeable in mobile device.
  • Handy keyboard shortcuts have been provided for easier navigation of gallery.
  • The gallery item can also act as links to external pages
  • 2 colour schemes – Dark & Light.

Configurable options are:

  • If you show Youtube/Vimeo video then u can choose to use thumbnails provided by Youtube/Vimeo.
  • U can pull photo from Flickr by searching for text string or tags. U can even pull photo from specific user or a group, or a set or a collection of sets. You also have the option of choosing how many photo will be shown, how they will be ordered & also the sizes of image that are pulled from Flickr.
  • U can pull photo from Picasa by searching for text string. U can even pull photo from specific user or an album, or a collection of album. You also have the option of choosing how many photo will be shown, how they will be ordered & also the sizes of image that are puled from Picasa.
  • Option to enable caching of Flickr/Picasa API response data to prevent crossing the limit set by these services. U can even set for how long the data will be cached.
  • Can mention a custom thumbnail image for the gallery sets. By default the thumbnail for the first item in set is used to represent the set.
  • Autoplay audio & video when Lightbox opens in Thumbnail Grid mode.
  • Play audio & video file in a loop.
  • Store the volume level when player is closed, which is restored when player opens again.
  • Set the mode, i.e Thumbnail Grid or Full-width, which will be shown when the gallery first loads. Can also work with single mode.
  • Option to show a particular category of item when the gallery first loads.
  • Shrink image in Full-width mode to fit the container when the gallery first loads.
  • Choose to show the thumbnails in Full-width mode when the gallery first loads.
  • Choose animated effect for the item in Thumbnail Grid mode when it first shows. Available effect are fade, slide, fadeSeq, slidSeq & flipSeq.
  • Choose animated effect for showing item captions/descriptions in Thumbnail Grid mode. Available effect are flip & fade.
  • Choose to make the item titles in Thumbnail Grid mode always visible.
  • Choose animated effect for transition between item in Full-width mode. Available effect are fade, slide & flip.
  • Choose to continue the slideshow in Fullwidth mode even when the page loses focus.
  • Choose animated effect for showing/hiding the Gallery Sets screen (home screen). Available effect are scale, fade & slide.
  • Show the gallery either spanning the entire width of browser or width of its parent container.
  • The gallery item can also act as links to external pages. U can choose to open the links in a new tab/window.
  • You have the option to shuffle or randomly order the gallery item each time the page is refreshed.
  • The gallery support preloading of image in Full-width mode for smoother viewing. U can choose how many item at a time will load in background.
  • U can start the slideshow in Full-width mode when the gallery first loads.
  • The time interval for which a particular item is visible during slideshow can be set.
  • Option to set the path for the gallery configuration XML file.
  • Option to detect mobile device & serve them a separate XML file.

Special Notes

  • Suitable jQuery based fallbacks have been provided for all CSS based animated effect for older browsers.
  • Also some of çağdaş HTML5 feature eg Fullscreen & Page Visibility will only work in çağdaş browsers.
  • The gallery script özgü been tested & is fully compatible with jQuery 1.9+. & also jquery 2.0+. & 3.0+


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Ver 1.4.3 (7 February, 2022)
 • Fixed an issue with parsing the response from the Vimeo API 
Ver 1.4.2 (3 March, 2016)
 • Fixed an issue where closing the overlay for audio/video made the gallery exit from fullscreen state. 
Ver 1.4.1 (9 July, 2015)
     • Fixed a bug with image resizing in Fullwidth mode. 
Ver 1.4 (31 July, 2014)
     • Added the option of choosing the number of album to show in a Flickr/Picasa collection.     • As per Flickr's new API requirements the gallery now uses "https" in all API request url's.     • Fixed item display issues, including the issue of small image, inside the modal box in thumbnails grid mode for smartphone sized screens.     • Fixed video player's fullscreen button issue in iPad.     •  Few small styling tweaks to gallery. 
Ver 1.3 (15 January, 2014)
     • Fixed a IE bug where the thumbnail links were not clickable.      • Fixed a small bug where the overlay button appeared over thumbnails with link enabled.     • Fixed the max-height setting & the positioning of Fullwidth mode caption overlay.     • Added the option of making the item titles in Thumbnail Grid mode always visible.     • Added the option of making the Fullwidth mode slideshow continue even when the page loses focus. 
Ver 1.2 (15 August, 2013)
     • Fixed a bug in thumbnail grid layout when margins were set on the item.     • Fixed the resizing of image in overlay when the browser was in landscape mode.      • Fixed a bug in iOS where after scrolling the clicks/taps on the thumbnails became unresponsive.     • Improved the closing/opening of gallery menu in touch-screen device.     • Fixed a bug where the inclusion of image in item captions interfered with this thumbnail grid layout.     • Modified the code to account for escaping of character in cached xml file (when pulling image from Flickr/Picasa) if magic quotes in server were turned on. 
Ver 1.1 (8 June, 2013)
     • Fixed sorun with positioning of gallery overlay/lightbox when there were different content in page along with this gallery.     • The filter dropdown menu opens much quicker now in touch-screen device & also closes when tapping elsewhere on the screen.     • Updated the jquery masonry plugin so that it is compatible with jquery v1.9+. The gallery now is fully compatible with jquery 1.9+ including jquery 2.0.     • Different small bug fixes. 

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