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Schematic - Minimalist
 Blog & Magazine 
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 Blog & Magazine 
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WordPress Theme - 15 Schematic - Minimalist
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WordPress Theme - 16 Schematic - Minimalist
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WordPress Theme - 18 Schematic - Minimalist
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WordPress Theme - 19 Schematic - Minimalist
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WordPress Theme - 21 Schematic - Minimalist
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WordPress Theme - 22 Schematic - Minimalist
 Blog & Magazine 
WordPress Theme - 23 Schematic - Minimalist
 Blog & Magazine 
WordPress Theme - 24 Schematic - Minimalist
 Blog & Magazine 
WordPress Theme - 25 Schematic - Minimalist
 Blog & Magazine 
WordPress Theme - 26 Schematic - Minimalist
 Blog & Magazine 
WordPress Theme - 27 Schematic - Minimalist
 Blog & Magazine 
WordPress Theme - 28 Schematic - Minimalist
 Blog & Magazine 
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Schematic. Minimalist Çağdaş Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Schematic is çağıl & clean blog & magazine WordPress theme for çağıl publishers & bloggers.

8 Importable Demo Sites in 1 Theme

Jump start your blog with 8 pre-made starter sites, including all posts & image.

Dark Mode

Turn on Dark Mode for great viewing experience especially in low-light environments.

Dark Mode is dramatic new look that is easy on your eyes & help you focus on the content. It uses a dark color scheme & is activated automatically based the browser’s preferred settings or manually with toggle.

Turn on Dark Mode to give your eyes a break.

Multiple Page Header Types

There are different page header types for your posts & pages. Display your featured posts’ header with an image overlay or a smaller page header.

Smart Colors

When you select a dark background color for your header or footer, the text & links color will automatically change to white. You don’t need to set up so many color option, as most of them will work automatically based your selection.

Customize with Instant Live Preview

All theme options can be configured with this native WordPress customize feature. Forget the outdated settings pages & manually refreshing your page to see the changes. Preview all the changes live while configuring your perfect online media.

Multiple Archive Layouts for Homepage & Archive Pages

Choose from different post archive layouts for your homepage & archive pages. Display your posts in grid, list, or full layouts.

Multiple Page Layouts

Select the matching page layout for your homepage, archives, posts, & pages. Display a sidebar on either the left or right side or use full-width page layout for your content.

Super-Fast Mega-Menu

Showcase your recent posts with thumbnail right in menu dropdown. Don’t worry, the menu will not slow down your website, as the content is requested dynamically, only when a user hovers over the parent menu item.

AMP Support

We have added style for the AMP pages to match the main style of your website. Simply activate the official WordPress AMP plugin to enable Google Accelerated Mobile Pages on your website.

Exclude Duplicate Posts

Everybody knows, & Google, in particular, that duplicate content is bad. Avoid having duplicate content on your homepage by excluding featured posts from the main archive with single click.

Google Fonts

Create different style with 800+ Google Fonts supported. Simply select the desired font from the dropdown & preview it instantly on your website – no more confusing CSS rules or code snippets.

Additional Content

Ever wanted to place an ad spot underneath your header? Or a short description before the featured posts section on your homepage? A subscribe biçim below post content? With our signature feature you may insert any content into different template parts without changing template file or overriding templates with child theme.

Smart Sticky Navigation

Increase mobile user’ viewport by displaying the main navigation only when they scroll up. Or force the menu to stay sticky all the time. Or disable the feature completely, it is up to you! Enable either of 3 options in theme settings with single click.

Sticky Sidebar

Make your widgets sticky when scrolling the page. Select from 2 options: either stick to bottom edge of your sidebar or top edge of last widget. Increase your ad’s conversion by setting the ad as your last widget & selecting the latter option. Unlike different theme’s sticky sidebars, ours is enabled & doesn’t flicker on tablet or mobiles. By using the native browser’s sticky positioning, we created a sticky sidebar that animates gorgeously not only on desktops but mobiles too.

Smart Multi-Level Menu

It is you who decides how to structure your content. Our theme support unlimited levels in your main menu. If there’s not enough space in viewport to display a dropdown submenu, it will appear on the opposite side instead. & it support mobile touch device, too.

Mobile Slide-Out Menu with Widgets

Display the mobile menu upon clicking the hamburger icon on mobile device. You may also place social links, subscription biçim, Facebook fan page or any different widget on your mobile menu, just as in a regular sidebar.

Paginated Posts

Divide your posts into multiple pages & add properly styled pagination at the bottom of your posts.

Guest Authors & Multi-Author Posts with Co-Authors Plus Support

Involve guest authors without creating separate user accounts or add multiple authors per post with this integrated Co-Authors Plus plugin support. All post authors, including contributors & guest authors, can have social accounts & a bio too.


Built-in support for RTL (right-to-left) languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian or any different RTL written language.

Numbered Pagination, Load More, & Infinite Load

The “Load More” button & the Infinite Load feature will encourage your user to stay on your website longer by browsing through your post archives without refreshing the browser page.

We use new REST API for instantly fetching posts, which is fastest way to dynamically load posts in WordPress.

Post Views with Google Analytics synchronization

Display number of post views among different post meta with this integrated post views support.

Post Reading Time

Easily add post reading time to encourage your user. The reading time is calculated automatically based the average reading speed of an adult.


Your website will look amazing on Retina screens thanks to vector scalable elements, clear Retina-ready image, & typography.

Adaptive Optimized Image Sizes

A small number of generated thumbnails will save your disk storage space on your hosting provider & make the thumbnail regeneration process quick.

We never downscale image & serve them in original size or close to it, so that user will not download more than they need. Google likes optimized image sizes too.

Ultra Responsive

We tested our theme on multiple physical device & emulators to make sure we deliver the best quality.

Feature-Rich, yet Simple

Despite so many great built-in feature, it is extremely easy to use. All options support live-preview, & you may instantly see all the changes before saving them.

We made sure that all theme options & feature are seamlessly blended into the WordPress user interface & feel very natural & intuitive.

Of course, no coding is required to setup up your website.

SEO by Yoast Support including Breadcrumbs Style

Activate breadcrumbs, a powerful SEO addition to your website, with single click in SEO using Yoast plugin & it will automatically appear in right place with this right style.

Live Search Results

Get instant search results while you type the search request & easily navigate between them with keyboard support.

Built-in Style for WordPress Galleries

The default WordPress galleries (or

shortcode) will look nice right out-of-the-box thanks to integrated gallery style.

Increase page per visit ratio by enabling recent posts beneath your single posts. Related posts will appear automatically, as soon as there’re enough posts in same category.

Optimized CSS without Dependencies

There’re no dependencies (for example Bootstrap), so no extra bloat or third-party assets. Your user & Google will love the loading time of your website pages.

Coded with WordPress Coding Standards

WordPress Coding Standards help developers maintain a consistent style so that the code is clean & easy to read at a glance. We keep it in mind when writing code for our WordPress themes.


Enjoy the fast browsing experience with performance optimization. We check our theme with this Query Monitor plugin to avoid excessive requests to your database.

Google Structured Data Support

We make sure that the structured data is correct by adding special classes to elements. It help Google understand your content better & rank your website higher.

Built with Hooks & Developer Friendly

There’re numerous actions & filters, which enable you to hook into theme functions from child theme to create awesome custom solutions for your client & make the website update-safe.


There’s a .pot file, included with this theme, that allows you to use POEdit or Loco Translate to easily translate our theme into your native language.

WPML & Polylang compatible

Would you like to have multilingual website for broader audience? Our theme support both WPML & Polylang plugins & allows creating a multilingual website in no time.

Numerous Adsvertisement & Banner Spots with built-in AdSense Support

Easily monetize your media with versatile adsvertisement & banner spots available right in WordPress Customize section. Place your adsvertisement or banner snippets in several predefined template locations without ever touching the template code.

Since 2017, when we created Authentic, it özgü been featured on the homepage of ThemeForest by Envato stuff, gained more than 3000 sales, & özgü been mentioned by WordPress’s online publishers. By purchasing a theme from Code Supply Co. u will get timely support & regular theme updates guaranteed.

Powered by Powerkit

Powerkit is our in-house plugin for extending our theme feature. You don’t need to search for compatible plugins for all the basic components of your website: share buttons, social links, author & about widgets, newsletter opt-in forms, slider, & tiled galleries, lightbox, lazy load of image & different great feature that every publisher or magazine needs. Powerkit seamlessly integrates with our themes in terms of feature & site appearance. It has modular design & you may easily disable different modules without slowing down your website.

Share Buttons

Make your content go viral by enabling share buttons on single post pages.

There’re 3 locations available: before & after post content & in floating post sidebar for better user engagement.

Choose between different social accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, VKontakte, & email.

Customize the order of your share buttons: place the higher priority share buttons first, based your country & content specific traits.

Enable share buttons in multiple locations: before post content, after post content.

You may also enable counts for Facebook, LinkedIn, & Pinterest share accounts, as well as the total number of shares per post.

The share buttons are ultra-fast & fully support all caching plugins. The count data is fetched dynamically via REST API; thus, it won’t create bottleneck in your website’s performance.

Help your visitors easily find & follow you on your social media with built-in social links with counters.

Easily integrate social accounts into your website header, footer, & sidebar widgets.

Choose between different layouts: inline, horizontal list or columns. Select the color scheme that suits your taste & design: clean or bold, with light or bold background.

Enable the counter feature & display number of your followers on different social right on your website. Higher numbers will motivate your new visitors to follow you on social media.

Just as the share buttons, the social accounts fully support dynamic fetching of your social media followers count, resulting in a fast performance of your website & compatibility with caching plugins.

You may place social links in your sidebar by using a widget, page content with shortcode or in pre-defined theme locations.

Facebook Integration

Easily embed & promote any Facebook fan page on your website by placing it in your sidebar or post content.

Light up the post discussion by replacing WordPress comments with Facebook comments widget or appending the Facebook comments widget to default WordPress comments.

Pinterest Integration

Let your user pin image from your media to their Pinterest boards by adding Pin It buttons on all single image & galleries, with captions supported.

Add a special class to an image inside your post content & Pinterest will fetch this particular image when sharing via the Pinterest share button. Super useful for creating Pinterest optimized cover image to gain so many social media traffic.

Twitter Integration

Embed your Twitter feed in a widget or post content via a shortcode.

Instagram Integration

Display your Instagram feed in your sidebar with widget, in post content with shortcode or site footer. Every image in Instagram feed also comes with number of likes & comments for better user engagement.

Opt-in Forms

Integrate subscription forms on your website & grow your subscribers’ list. The MailChimp module support 1-click subscriptions via AJAX & the MailChimp API. Add a caption regarding personal data & make the opt-in biçim GDPR compatible.

Retina Image

Make your website look crisp on Retina screens by enabling the Retina Image module. It will automatically create 2x image sizes for high pixel density screens.

Lazy Load with Low-Quality Image Placeholders

Speed up your website & increase Google PageSpeed Insights score by enabling the Lazy Load module. It make your image load only when they’re near the user’s viewport.

You may also serve the so-called LQIP (Low-Quality Image Placeholders) before the main image have been loaded. It will add a beautiful blur effect on image while loading.


Enable the option to enlarge your image in post content or post galleries in a sleek lightbox instead of opening them in a new window. The module support all gallery types & image in post content. & it is responsive too.

Adobe Fonts (Formerly Typekit)

Enhance your media site or magazine design by adding support for Typekit fonts. Control your fonts right in WordPress customize section with live preview. No more CSS selectors or custom code for your Typekit fonts.

Custom Fonts

Upload custom fonts right in WordPress dashboard & add them to list of supported fonts in WordPress Customize section. No coding required.

Contributors Widget

Display a list of website contributors (authors) in your sidebar.

Author Widget

Display author’s information in sidebar, including author avatar, description, & links to social accounts.

Justified Galleries

Create greater stories with beautiful justified galleries. Creating a justified gallery feels as natural as the default WordPress ones.

Slider Galleries

Insert responsive & Retina-ready slider galleries in your post content with mobile touch & swipe support. Enable slider pagination, bullets or navigation arrows with just few clicks.

Display your featured posts in sidebar. Choose between different layouts: standard, large or numbered. You may filter posts by category, tag or post IDs & order them by post views or date.

Table of Contents

Easily add a table of contents for your longer posts, so that your user can easily navigate to post section they’re interested in.

Numbered Headings

Create popular list articles (listicles) with this built-in numbered headings feature. It is a well-known fact that posts with lists (“Top 10 Things to See in Rome”) are the easiest way to gain more viral traffic.


Adobe Fonts (formerly Typekit)

Some demos use Adobe Fonts (formerly Typekit). If Adobe Fonts fonts aren’t available, they will be substituted with default fonts or Google Fonts. See our documentation for more detail.

Site Specific Options

While demo content looks as close to our demos as possible, there’re few site-specific settings, that need manual configuration for your convenience, for example, links to your social accounts, widgets & some others.

Image Credits

The sample image viewed in live preview are for demo purposes only & are not included with your purchase.

These image have either been purchased by us at Shutterstock or GPL & Creative Commons licensed.

Landing Page

The starting preview is landing page to promote our product & showcase different demos. It is not included in theme.

Page Speed

The page speed score mentioned on the item’s page is for reference only & depends on the selected demo, theme & server configuration & the content itself. Some theme feature may negatively impact page speed scores.

Integration with External Service Providers

There’re few feature, that rely on communication with external service providers, for example number of social followers, share counts, Instagram feeds, …. As these service providers are beyond our control, your purchase decision should not be based solely on these feature.

Thanks for checking out Schematic

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have via our e-mail.

&, if you love Schematic as much as we enjoyed developing it, please remember to rate it.


We provide support through our ticket system. We donot generally provide support via e-mail or comments on ThemeForest. Therefore if you would like your issue to be reviewed asap, please open a ticket at

We try to respond as fast as possible, generally within 24 hours, although on holidays & weekends, it may take up to 48 hours.

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