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what is WP Migrate DB Pro?

WP Migrate DB is a WordPress migration plugin that simplifies the process of exporting and moving your database.

Each migration is organized into a three-step process that is simple to follow.

  1. Within the WP Migrate DB interface, find and replace the data you desire.
  2. The SQL should be exported.
  3. Using a program like phpMyAdmin, import the data into your new database.

Isn’t it simple? We think that database migration for WordPress does not have to be unduly complicated or hard. WP Migrate DB, on the other hand, was designed with the primary purpose of making WordPress site migration simple.

WP Migrate DB can detect and replace info within serialized arrays and fully supports serialized data and arrays. What does this imply for you personally? It makes migrating your database a lot easier, and there’s no chance of data damage.

WP Migrate DB handles serialized data by deserializing it and going through it, recognizing strings and replacing them. It serializes the data and inserts it back into the database once it has gone through all of it.

You may also use in-place find and replace to search and replace within the current database (without migration).

WP Migrate DB Pro demo


wp migrate db screenshot

WP Migrate DB Pro – WordPress Migration Made Easy Features:

  • Priority email assistance
  • Databases may be pushed and pulled from one environs to another.
  • Media libraries may be pushed and pulled from one site to another.
  • Easily transfer theme and plugin files from one website to another.
  • Pushing a subsite to a single site install is an advanced multisite work.
  • Support for the command line (Use WP-CLI with WP Migrate DB)
  • Before you begin the move, make a backup of your data.
  • WordPress database migration with a specific goal in mind. Choose which tables to migrate and which post types to exclude from migrations.

WP Migrate DB Pro Changelog:– Push/Pull Your WordPress Database & Files

v2.3.4 – Aug 12, 2022

  • Improvement: Push migrations to WP Engine can now include themes and plugins
  • Improvement: Settings sliders now have a visible focus style and improved keyboard accessibility
  • Improvement: Error log messages now provide additional context about the migration to assist our support team
  • Bug fix: Find & Replace regex can now include special characters such as < and >
  • Bug fix: Subsite-to-subsite migrations involving two different site IDs now migrate media from the correct source
  • Bug fix: Errors related to ajax_verify_connection_to_remote_site have been reduced

2.2.1 – Nov 09, 2021​
Improvement: WP Migrate DB Pro license-related API calls are now faster, which importantly decreases load times for WP admin pages such as “Plugins” and “Tools > Migrate DB Pro”
Bug fix: Running a pull migration with different database prefixes no longer causes PHP notices
Bug fix: WP Migrate DB profiles can now be re-saved without requiring a page refresh

WP Migrate DB Pro v2.2.0 (inc. Addons)
New: Find & Replace tool now includes an option to preview changes before applying them to the database
New: Find & Replace tool now offers a granular preview of the diff for each database record before the change is applied
New: Migrating between sites with different table prefixes is now possible as the destination tables are automatically updated to match the destination site’s wp-config.php file
Improvement: Keyboard navigation is now more accessible thanks to new focus styles throughout plugin
Improvement: Addon plugin thumbnails now display on the WordPress updates screen
Bug fix: WP Migrate DB Pro is now more compatible other plugins that use Composer’s autoloader and have dependencies with the same name
Bug fix: WP Migrate DB Pro is now compatible with WPML when default linguistic communication is added to the url

2.1.2 – Aug 30, 2021​
Improvement: Accessibility: Better support for Skip to main content keyboard navigation.
Improvement: Resetting the secret key won’t require a full page refresh to take effect.

2.1.1 – Aug 18, 2021​
Improvement: Migrations can now be run on sites that use the default permalink construction
Bug fix: PHP fatal error when running find and replace on a serialized unclonable object
Bug fix: PHP notices during an existing find and replace related to the add-on of regex support
Bug fix: PHP notice during plugin upgrade under certain circumstances

2.0.3 – Jun 21, 2021​
Improvement: Compatibility with WPML’s “Use managery for default linguistic communication” option, fixing REST API not working when that option is enabled
Improvement: “Search & Replace” updated to “Find & Replace” for consistency
Improvement: Email address in support form selected automatically if no other emails are available
Bug fix: Basic auth credentials with special graphemes didn’t work
Bug fix: PHP 8 usort notice
Bug fix: Some PHP files can be straight accessed in a browser
Bug fix: Clicking “Activate Your License” didn’t make the Settings tab active
Bug fix: Rewrite rules lost after migration
Bug fix: Error loading JavaScript assets in sites with build in the path

2.0.2 – May 06, 2021​
Bug fix: Replacing a string with nothing not supported
Bug fix: Plugin not working on sites with a custom REST API URL
Bug fix: Plugin not working on sites with a custom plugin managery
Bug fix: ‘gmdateI18n’ work not available on older versions of WordPress
Bug fix: Javascript file with tilde in filename blocked by some firewalls

1.9.14 – Feb 03, 2021
Improvement: Fix several styling issues
Improvement: Replace ANSI quotes with backticks for better MySQL compatibility
Improvement: Convert ANSI quotes in SQL files before running import
Bug fix: Deprecated PHP code causes warnings in PHP 8+
Bug fix: Regex to match recursive serialized records matches non-serialized data
Bug fix: Invert selection UI option doesn’t work on newer versions of WordPress

1.9.13 – Sep 14, 2020
Bug fix: Import and Find & Replace migrations are not replacing data that is JSON encoded
Bug fix: The Filesystem::chmod() method does not work correctly and silently logs an error
Bug fix: Running a migration without find and replace values throws a PHP warning

1.9.12 – 2020-07-30
Bug fix: Check boxes are not saved correctly in plugin settings

1.9.10 – 2020-03-17
Bug fix: PHP warning during backup stage of migration due to JSON find & replace presentd in 1.9.9
Bug fix: Updating the plugin triggers a warning on PHP 7.4+
Bug fix: Usage of get_magic_quotes_gpc() triggers a warning on PHP 7.4+
Bug fix: WordPress home and site_url values are set wrongly on multisite installs with the ‘ms_files_rewriting’ option set

1.9.9 – 2020-02-26
Bug fix: Search & replace did not work with JSON encoded content in the `wp_posts` table
Bug fix: Import migrations not correctly parsing file header in Windows environss

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List of WP Migrate DB Pro Addons

  • WP Migrate DB Pro Theme & Plugin Files v1.2.0
  • WP Migrate DB Pro Multisite Tools v1.4.1
  • WP Migrate DB Pro Media Files v2.1.0
  • WP Migrate DB Pro CLI v1.6.

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