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AutomatorWP - The Most Powerful Automation Plugin For WordPress

Download Free AutomatorWP – The Most Powerful Automation Plugin For WordPress

AutomatorWP Automation WordPress Plugin Free Download | AutomatorWP is an open-source automator plugin that allows you to connect WordPress plugins and create automated workflows.

You can create “automations” that are linked to your WordPress activities, and when one of them occurs, you can make other things happen.

These automations can be used to automate sales, marketing, administrative tasks, learning, and any other type of process you want, allowing you to save time and focus on your most important work.

Why AutomatorWP Plugin?

Because AutomatorWP is extremely powerful and completely customizable. It connects and synchronizes your WordPress plugins. Save time and money by automating tasks without writing any code!

Core Features:


Include “triggers” from your favorite plugins to trigger any automation.

Automatization of all posts:

Create automated tasks that review your blog posts and perform actions on them , such as cleaning old posts or send email notifications to administrators regarding posts that are not yet posted.


Once all triggers are completed when all triggers are completed, your “actions” of your choice will be executed on autopilot.

Unlimitable triggers, actions and events:

Create as many triggers or actions as you’d like.

Completion limits:

Limit automation’s maximum completion time for each user and all over the world.

Automated scheduling and recurring:

Automated actions to execute for all users or an individual user group by hand, at a particular day or regular basis.


You can filter any trigger, action or trigger by adjusting the conditions you wish to apply.

The number of times you must use it:

Determine the amount of time needed to finish the trigger, such as commenting on a blog post three times.

Autonomous and logged-in:

Create automated processes for users who are logged in or visitors who are not logged in.

Sequential triggers:

Make users finish triggers to finish the automation.


Tags that allow dynamic information to be passed between triggers and actions (with the support of users as well as the post metas).


AutomatorWP is extremely adaptable and comes with many hooks that allow you to add specific features and functions.


Make your plugins work together to create brand new automated workflows!


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